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Node on mobile

Reuse your codebase to develop mobile applications

Node on IoTs

Run Node on resource constrained IoTs

What we can do for you

Node Expertise

It is easy to build applications with Node. But it is also easy to make critical mistakes. Our team has extensive experience to support you all the way from design to deployment.

Node everywhere

Node is great for server based applications. What about mobile and IoTs? We can enable you run the same codebase on servers, mobile devices and IoTs.


Deploying a Node application can be a nightmare. We know how to simplify the whole deployment process to save you time and money

Who is using our products and services

Microsoft is invested in developing the open source project ‘Thali’ to enable all devices, regardless of platform or form factor, to engage in peer-to-peer data exchange and synchronization and has partnered with Nubisa to leverage JXcore to enable this.

Jive Software uses JXcore and its packaging features in their SDK for node.js. This SDK can be used for developing middleware solutions, such as Jive add-ons, capable of achieving massive enterprise performance at scale.

Rockwell Automation uses JXcore in Project Stanton which is a mobility innovation to improve productivity in industrial settings.

Why Nubisa?

We know Node. We know it so well that we are maintaining one of the most popular Node distributions, JXcore. Nubisa is one of the handful companies possessing a deep understanding of Node.

We are located in Cambridge, MA

We are here to help you with your Node projects. Give us a call today +1 (617) 229-6550 or send us an email at

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